Discovering New Business Models – the classical way

In the era of highly competitive environments for businesses, especially startups, the need new ideas and business models are not only critical for aspiring entrepreneurs, but also important for sustainability and growth of existing businesses. And, while starting the search for such new thoughts, having the right tools is very important. So I preferred to go the classical way  – the Vasco-Da-Gama way.

One of the interesting read from MIT Sloan researches, represented a study of 1000 largest firms in US, showcasing whether some businesses do better than others and why! Thomas and other researchers in this paper represented a business model classification – which is not only the most classical but also the most comprehensive. This model should help all businesses to explore and discover more opportunities….

Here the businesses should be classified based on TYPE OF RIGHT IN THE ASSET TO BE SOLD (Creators, Distributors, Landlords and Brokers) and TYPE OF ASSET INVOLVED (Financial, Physical, Intangible, and Human) for any for-profit business.

Business Model Discovery - The comprehensive model

The comprehensiveness of this classification reflects even from the fact that it also covers creation and distribution of human assets as well !!!

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