Exploring Inner Innovation

Startup – Fashion or Fad – Youth Attractiveness

Startup – Fashion or Fad – Youth Attractiveness from Abhishek Kumbhat High failure rates of startups, yet a very high surge in startup establishment, questions the whole startup ecosystem and its sustainability. This presentation was to share thoughts with young entrepreneurs that Startups are meant to be a business, much ahead than just a youth […]

Customer Acquisitions Strategies for New and Existing Markets

Customer Acquisition and Type of Markets

In the competitive e-Business environment, the cost of customer acquisition is increasing day by day and touching to sky high values. In order to optimise costs and still get right set of customers acquired, it becomes important to understand the markets first and take the right step for customer acquisition. The markets can be divided […]

Businesses on Internet – 4C Perspective

4C Perspective of businesses on Internet

A very simple yet exhaustive representation of businesses on internet can be seen as 4C PERSPECTIVE, which showcased most of the business activities on Internet, resulting in four classical business models : Content, Commerce, Context and Connection (as originally suggested by Wirtz); which are either employed individually, hybrid or integrated mode. Content-orientated business models are […]

Discovering New Business Models – the classical way

In the era of highly competitive environments for businesses, especially startups, the need new ideas and business models are not only critical for aspiring entrepreneurs, but also important for sustainability and growth of existing businesses. And, while starting the search for such new thoughts, having the right tools is very important. So I preferred to […]

Business Models and Strategies

strategy and business models

A mediocre technology exploited via a great business model is much more valuable than a great technology with a mediocre business model. A number of superior products failed to capitalize the market opportunity in lack of best-fit business models….. So what’s a business model… Management gurus say – A business model describes the rationale of […]